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The Department of Physics prides itself on the high quality of its teaching and faculty-student relationships. It is large enough to offer strong, well-rounded programs and small enough to promote good communication and interaction between faculty and students. The Department's diverse research program complements its teaching commitment. Ambitious undergraduate students have many opportunities to participate in research. Undergrads may choose to engage in a senior thesis project in collaboration with the honors college.

Graduate students in Physics have two options. One leads to a doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree and the other leads to a master of arts (MA) degree. The MA is designed to take two years to complete and is assessed by thesis or examinations. It is designed as a terminal degree and is not intended to be earned enroute to a PhD.

Photograph of adjustments being made to a piece of equipment used in research experiment.
Adjustments to part of an experiment that makes use of the accelerator facility.
View of Everett Tower
Everett Tower
Photo of Al Rosenthal teaching PHYS 2070
Prof. Al Rosenthal teaching PHYS 2070