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Undergraduate Programs

Physics Major with Electrical Engineering

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This program is designed for those students who wish to pursue a physics degree with a concentration in Electrical Engineering. This option provides an application oriented four year program to prepare students for jobs in industrial or government laboratories. It is also suitable for those students who wish to pursue graduate studies in experimental physics.

Required Courses

University Physics I 4 hrs
University Physics I Laboratory 1 hr
University Physics II 4 hrs
University Physics II Laboratory 1 hr
Introductory Modern Physics 4 hrs
Introductory Modern Physics Lab 1 hr
Thermodynamics 3 hrs
Analytical Mechanics 3 hrs
Electromagnetism 4 hrs
Quantum Mechanics 3 hrs
Advanced Laboratory 3 hrs
Solid State Physics 3 hrs
ECE 2100 Circuit Analysis 4 hrs
ECE 2210 Electronics I 4 hrs
ECE 3100 Network Analysis 3 hrs

Additional Required Courses

In addition to the above courses the student is required to take a minimum of three courses from among the following. The courses must include at least four hours of ECE course work and be approved by the advisor.
Waves and Optics 3 hrs
Atomic and Molecular Physics 3 hrs
Nuclear and Particle Physics 3 hrs
ECE 3200 Electronics II 4 hrs
ECE 3300 Electrical Machinery 4 hrs
ECE 3710 Linear Systems 3 hrs
ECE 3800 Probabilistic Methods of Signal and System Analysis 3 hrs
ECE 4200 Power Electronics 3 hrs
ECE 4300 Electrical Power Systems 3 hrs
ECE 4510 Microcontroller Applications 3 hrs
ECE 4550 Digital Signal Processing 3 hrs
ECE 4600 Communication Systems 3 hrs
ECE 4700 Feedback Systems 3 hrs

Computer Programming Requirement

The Department requires LEC Physics with Electrical Engineering majors to be proficient in a computer programming language before graduation. This requirement may be met by demonstrating proficiency or passing CS 1110 (Introduction to Computer Science I) with a grade of C or higher. Higher level courses such as CS2100 (Script Programming in Python) can be substituted with permission of the undergraduate advisor. Further programming experience is encouraged.

Baccalaureate Writing Requirement

Students who have chosen the Physics major with Electrical Engineering option will satisfy the Baccalaureate Writing Requirement by successfully completing PHYS 4660 Advanced Laboratory.